Will you be incorporating these trends into your wedding?

Your wedding is such a special moment in your life! The emotions floating in the air, the purity of your commitment to each other, the eyes that witness your love story – they can all make you feel absolutely amazing!

Of course, you want your wedding to be beautiful from all points of view – and its style is surely important for you. What are some of the latest trends in the wedding world to “steal” some inspiration from? We’ve gathered a few below – read on and find out more.

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  • Naked cakes. Original, beautiful and full of personality, naked cakes can be a true delight both for the eyes and for the taste buds as well. There are an almost limitless number of combinations you can make – and you can even use fresh flowers and fruit to decorate your cake and make it feel more “nature-inspired”!
  • Metallic dresses. Metallic colors are extremely trendy this year – and with winter right around the corner, it is more than likely we’ll see a boom of metallic-shaded weddings. Use them in your wedding dress for a dash of luxe or use them in your bridesmaids’ dresses to make them look chic – either way, these colors will surely add a lot to your Big Day!
  • Want wedding flowers that look stunning, but are affordable and eco-friendly too? The biggest floral trend of the year is settling for local and seasonal varieties – so you have all the reasons to embrace the idea and create pretty flower arrangements and bouquets with in-season blooms. You will definitely love the way they look!
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Top tips to planning a Fall wedding

Fall weddings can be truly special – but, same as with weddings in every other season, they need to be thoroughly planned with attention to detail in mind. What are the top tips to planning a fall wedding? We’ve gathered them below – so read on and find out more.

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  • First, take into consideration guests that have children. They may find it difficult to attend because their children will likely be back in school.  Make it easier for them by advising them of wedding plans well in advance so they can make adequate plans.
  • In terms of wedding location, fall weddings can happen just about anywhere. This year, outdoor fall weddings are quite popular – and understandably so, considering the beauty of the “natural décor” outside. However, if you do choose to have an outdoor wedding during this season, we strongly advise you think of ways to keep guests warm and cozy.
  • There are many fall elements you can take inspiration from. For example, you could create a wedding menu inspired by the largest celebration of fall – Thanksgiving. People will just love indulging in turkey, cranberry sauce and other delicious fall foods!
  • Likewise, your drinks can be inspired by the season too. Cocktails infused with pumpkin spice, apple ciders (hot or cold) – they can both be amazing options for your fall wedding bar. Guests will surely appreciate the idea!
  • Last, but definitely not least, your décor can be gorgeously infused with fall elements too. Small pumpkins incorporated in the centerpieces, “fallen” leaves, seasonal flowers – they all look truly romantic and pretty and they definitely deserve a spot at your wedding.

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Know when to say “Yes!” to your wedding dress

Finding the ideal wedding gown is such a huge element of the Big Day! You want to be breath-taking as you walk down the aisle – and wearing a dress that genuinely represents you is absolutely mandatory when it comes to this.

Yet, how do you know when to say “Yes” to your wedding dress? How do you go through the wedding gown selection process and settle on that which fits you best from every angle? We have some ideas for you – continue reading to find out more.

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  • Start by creating a realistic budget for your wedding gown. Yes, this is a very important day in your life, but going over the budget can cause serious issues later on as well as buyers’ remorse. We highly suggest you to tell your wedding dress shopping assistant(s) what your budget is, so that they don’t show you gowns that are way over what you can spend for the gown.
  • You need to have at least a broad idea of what type of wedding (and wedding look you want). After all, your dress should be perfectly coordinated with all the other elements of your appearance, so it is highly essential that you know how to bring everything together.
  • Last, but definitely not least, we advise you to select the wedding season and venue before you start shopping for the dress. This way, you will be able to make an educated selection and settle on a wedding gown that suits you, the weather outside and the vibes of your wedding venue too.


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Make sure you deliver the perfect wedding speech

If you have been tasked with the honor of delivering a wedding speech for a friend or relative, you surely want to make the most of it. After all, who wants to make a fool of themselves in front of tens – and even hundreds – of guests?

How to create and deliver the ideal wedding speech? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • First and foremost, be yourself. Even some of the most famous people in the world suffer from stage fright, so there’s no reason not to be your full self. Be self-confident, speak to the people and sprinkle one or two tasteful jokes here and there. All those guests will be delighted with your speech!
  • Practice your speech. Yes, practicing in the mirror can help a lot. But go way beyond that and practice at the actual venue. See how it all sounds, how the acoustics of the venue work and how everything fits into the bigger picture.
  • Remember your target audience. Yes, a lot of them may be former college classmates – but how about the groom’s grandma or the bride’s parents? Keep your target audience in mind when writing and delivering the speech!
  • Less is more. It really is. Not only are long speeches considered to be quite boring (most of the time at least), but they can really put off the entire wedding schedule too. And since we got to this part, we definitely advise you to avoid any kind of “props” such as photos, slideshows or any other items/actions that will keep your hands busy (and could easily make you lose your focus). Afterall, it’s a speech from the heart not a presentation for work!


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Create style among your wedding tables

Your wedding tables are really important for the entire décor of the Big Day. After all, your guests will spend a lot of time seated.  Creating the ideal ambiance for them is crucial for the success of your wedding. How to add more style to your wedding tables, and how to make them really pop with uniqueness? We have some inspiring ideas for you – Read on to find out more.

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  • Boho-chic. If you are a boho-chic bride and want to create wedding table décor that fits into a boho-chic wedding, we suggest creating a table runner with moss, burlap and pastel or jewel-colored flowers. It will look wonderfully special and more than suitable for a wedding infused with hippy touches.
  • You may believe all-white arrangements are very traditional, but with the right elements, they can actually become very contemporary. For example, you could combine an all-white table arrangement with clear glassware and understated white flowers to create a truly gorgeous décor for your modern wedding tables.
  • Rustic-chic. Planning a rustic countryside wedding? Pair wooden tables with flower centerpieces in small jars of different shapes and sizes. With delicate flowers and pretty greenery, these arrangements will give your wedding just the right amount of “country”, without losing on all the “chic” elements.
  • Pop of color. If you want to create tables that are more than original, go for long trestle tables and cover them with runners in a popping color. Match these with centerpieces focused on greenery and glassware in the color of your table runners. It will look splendid!

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