Top tips to planning a Fall wedding

Fall weddings can be truly special – but, same as with weddings in every other season, they need to be thoroughly planned with attention to detail in mind. What are the top tips to planning a fall wedding? We’ve gathered them below – so read on and find out more.

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  • First, take into consideration guests that have children. They may find it difficult to attend because their children will likely be back in school.  Make it easier for them by advising them of wedding plans well in advance so they can make adequate plans.
  • In terms of wedding location, fall weddings can happen just about anywhere. This year, outdoor fall weddings are quite popular – and understandably so, considering the beauty of the “natural décor” outside. However, if you do choose to have an outdoor wedding during this season, we strongly advise you think of ways to keep guests warm and cozy.
  • There are many fall elements you can take inspiration from. For example, you could create a wedding menu inspired by the largest celebration of fall – Thanksgiving. People will just love indulging in turkey, cranberry sauce and other delicious fall foods!
  • Likewise, your drinks can be inspired by the season too. Cocktails infused with pumpkin spice, apple ciders (hot or cold) – they can both be amazing options for your fall wedding bar. Guests will surely appreciate the idea!
  • Last, but definitely not least, your décor can be gorgeously infused with fall elements too. Small pumpkins incorporated in the centerpieces, “fallen” leaves, seasonal flowers – they all look truly romantic and pretty and they definitely deserve a spot at your wedding.

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