Choose table décor that will make your wedding reception gorgeous!

Your wedding reception should be about you: your relationship, your personality and your unique sense of style. And while other parts of the décor are definitely important, it is really essential that you put some extra-care into how you choose your table décor.

How to do it? Here are some tips to help you create a table décor that’s gorgeous:

• If your tables are round, be sure to play with shapes, color, layers and details. For example, adding square shapes to a round table will create contrast and uniqueness, while designing the entire table in one basic color and adding accents of brighter colors will make it look vibrant and elegant at the same time. Furthermore, grouping centerpieces in “batches” of three can also make your round table décor pop with originality.
• If your tables are square, keep in mind that they can look too rigid if you don’t find the right balance. Place an equal number of chairs on each side, but also soften up the décor with cushions and fabrics that are welcoming and elegant. Don’t forget to match the roughness of the square tables with a combination of dark and vibrant colors.
• If your tables are long estate tables, play up the shape by using long plates and tall centerpieces. Also, focus the décor in the middle part of the tables by using a graphic or floral runner – it will add elegance and grace to the entire décor, making it truly beautiful.

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