Create tasty herb-infused signature cocktails for your wedding!

Serving unique signature cocktails at your wedding is a genuinely wonderful idea that will add a very special touch to the entire big day. But why serve herb-infused cocktails you ask? What are some of the best herb and cocktail combinations to serve your guests? We have gathered some tips for you – read on and find out more to inspire yourself.

• Lemonade and spirits. This is an all-time classic, but there’s a very good reason combining lemonade and spirits has become so popular: the flavor combination works amazingly. For an herb-infused lemonade and spirits cocktail, add some gorgeous scented lavender. This is absolutely perfect especially if you plan on having a wedding with pink or purple shades!• Mango and mint. Want to serve a summer drink that’s delicious from all points of view? A cocktail with a mango base will add that typical summer sweetness and warmth, while mixing mint leaves into the cocktail will make it more refreshing and more suitable for an outdoor wedding in high temperatures.
• Pimm’s cup. Delicious and refreshing, this staple drink would work marvelously with mint leaves and cucumber slices instead of the traditional fruit in it! Try it and your guests will be more than delighted with this cocktail!
• Ice tea mocktail. If you plan on having a non-alcoholic cocktail at your wedding too, ice tea is a really amazing option. Refreshing and sweet, it will be more than suitable for kids and adults who don’t or can’t drink alcohol. Plus, if you choose to serve a mint ice tea or peach it will add a pop of color!

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