Create your wedding floral centerpieces to be intricate and unique

Your wedding florals are truly important for the success of the Big Day. Beautiful and meaningful, these wonderful creations of nature are the perfect way to complement your wedding’s theme, ambiance and, ultimately, your very own love story too.

How do you create wedding floral centerpieces that are intricate and unique? Here are some gorgeous ideas to inspire you:

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  • Uneven arrangements. Gone are the days when wedding flower arrangements had to be perfectly well-proportioned. These days, you are allowed to really let your creativity run free. Create stunning uneven arrangements with negative spaces and alternating heights for the flower stems – they will look amazingly unique and stylish!
  • Intricate vases. Simplicity is always a no-fail strategy – but sometimes, a little intricacy placed in the right place can make the décor pop with absolute originality. For example, a small bouquet of the same type of bright-colored blooms can look superb in a short vase with a complex antique-like design on it.
  • Air flowers. You may not think of air flowers as a very good option for table centerpieces – but with a little imagination, they can turn intro true statements of elegance and style. Pair soft, delicate flowers (such as pink ranunculus) with air flowers and the arrangements result will be more than fabulous.
  • Go wild. For an edgy, contemporary and yet very rustic-chic look, combine branches, jasmine, berries and other wild flower arrangement elements. They will definitely wow your guests with their completely unique vibe!

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