Knowing some things couples regret on their big day may help prepare you for yours!

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Your wedding should be amazing, spectacular and unforgettable – and there shouldn’t be anything you regret about it. What are some things couples regret after their weddings? What is there to learn from these experiences? We have gathered some tips to help you plan a wedding that’s perfect from start to finish – read on and find out more.

  • Regret #1: Settling for cheap vendors. It’s not that there aren’t excellent vendors working on affordable prices – but when it comes to the key positions of your Big Day’s “backstage” (e.g. the florist, the planner, the DJ, and so on), you will be much better off spending a bit more and being absolutely certain that you do get what you paid for.
  • Regret #2: Not hiring a videographer. Sure, photography is great and it can really capture essential moments of your wedding. However, most couples don’t think about the fact that the bride misses the first half of her wedding waiting to come down the aisle. A great video can show her the moment her groom turned to see her for the first time.  Or the emotion her dad showed as he gave her away. Moving images capture a lot more than photos and they can also capture those emotional moments live.
  • Regret #3: Hiring friends as caterers, planners or other vendors. There is a reason they don’t do this professionally. Yes, you can trust your friends. But remember, just because they were so organized in college or could cook a mean omelet doesn’t make them the ideal vendor to work with 150 guests.  Allow your friends to be guests so they don’t miss on the amazing moments of your day  Unless you have been stood up by a vendor you hired or you are extremely tight with the money, we highly suggest you hire “outside” professionals for your Big Day.
  1. Moore Events can help you have a fabulous wedding! Our wedding planning services are catered to brides and grooms who want their Big Day to be flawless from every point of view – so we guarantee you will not be disappointed by us!