Make sure you are aware of some popular wedding etiquette questions!

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Although the world of weddings has changed a lot,  there are some etiquette rules that will always remain. Sure, you can have your wedding over barbecue and wear a colored dress – but there are certain rules that shouldn’t be overlooked.

What are some of the most important ones? What are some of the etiquette tips you should definitely remember? Read on and find out more.

  • If a bridesmaid cannot afford her dress, discuss options with her. A lot of things can happen and, sometimes, no matter how much financial planning is involved, there are issues that can appear out of nowhere. See how you can help her save more money (such as by purchasing a cheaper dress) and, if she simply cannot find her way out of the problem, offer to buy her the dress. Remember! Your relationship with her is much more important than anything else!
  • If your groom wants to have two Best Men, it is more than acceptable to do so. After all, he shouldn’t be forced to choose between his brothers and/best friends. If he chooses to have two Best Men, they can simply split the tasks (and they can even deliver a toast together).
  • A wide range of wedding gifts are considered to be more than fine these days. However, asking for money is still considered to be in bad taste. Of course, if guests find it more suitable to offer you money, that will be OK – but specifically asking for this is not appropriate. However, there are ways around this such as having a wishing well wedding. This is perfect for couples that after combining households will already have all the household goods they need.
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