Make sure you know all of your duties as the Groom!

Weddings and wedding planning are too frequently associated with the bride – and while this may draw its roots in an archaic patriarchal society, it surely has no place in a world where women can choose to be rulers and men can choose to be stay-at-home-dads.

As the groom, you know the Big Day is just as important for you as it is for your lovely bride-to-be. What are some of your duties for this special event, though? Here are some things you should definitely keep in mind:

• Listen. She is very stressed out and she needs to know you are listening – even when you don’t understand exactly what “chiffon”, “mint green” and “blush peonies” are. Listen to her, be her friend, her confident and, more than anything, her sounding board when it comes to planning this huge event in your lives.

• Share your opinion. When she asks you for your opinion, she really needs to hear you saying it out loud. She wants you to be just as happy as she is with the wedding-related choices, so you should make sure to truly communicate with her.

• Don’t be indifferent. Sooner or later, there will be something you might want to include in the Big Day – and if you haven’t actively participated in making the decisions until now, it may come as hurtful or unexpected for the bride. Communicate with your fiancé, tell her about your honest opinions and say when you want something to be in the wedding. No matter how much she loves you, she will never be able to read your mind.

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