Make sure your guests thoroughly enjoy your wedding cocktail hour!

Although not a very old tradition, the cocktail hour has become so common among couples getting married that it is almost surprising not to have one at your wedding. And while a cocktail hour may be the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to disappear and shoot some photos, it should also be really entertaining and fun for your guests too.

How to make sure your guests thoroughly enjoy your wedding cocktail hour? We have some tips you might want to keep in mind:

The drinks. The best way to surprise your guests at the cocktail hour is by serving them with a delicious signature drink created especially for this moment. Also, having an open bar and serving non-alcoholic options are both extremely good ideas you should consider.
The food. You don’t have to serve anything too fancy or too expensive at the cocktail hour. However, the passed hors d’oeuvres you serve now should be really tasty and they should increase guest’s anticipation for the upcoming reception. That doesn’t mean you can’t serve anything sweet at the cocktail hour, though. On the contrary! A delicious seasonal fruit tart will open everyone’s appetite for the big dinner!
The music. Don’t leave your guests in silence. Regardless of whether you choose to work with a band or a DJ, you should make sure to create a relaxing and positive playlist for the cocktail hour too.
The entertainment. Want to make sure people are having fun? Provide them with some simple games (board games, outdoor games or “ice breakers”) and they will surely love the idea!
The seats. Just because this is a cocktail hour doesn’t mean your guests should simply stand and walk around. Provide them with some comfortable lounge seats and they will be sure to thank you!

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