Your wedding flowers will highlight your big day, choose them wisely!

Flowers and weddings will always go hand in hand. In fact, flowers are so deeply rooted in the wedding tradition that even if you choose to have a more modern wedding, you will still at least consider the option of having some florals used for your Big Day’s décor!

How can you be wise about the flowers you pick for your wedding day? We’re glad you asked.  We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

• Be very diligent with your budget (and with sticking to it as well). It can be very tempting to go overboard and order tulips from across the Ocean to get that perfect shade – but before you do that, think twice and analyze your priorities.
• Speaking of priorities, of all the flowers you will have on your wedding day, your bouquet may be one of the most important “arrangements”. Just think of it! This is the gorgeous accessory you will wear as you walk down the aisle – so it is only normal to want it to be truly unique and personal!
• If you want to save more money on your florals, be prepared to choose arrangements that can be easily used both for the ceremony and reception. With a few minor changes and tweaks, your ceremony arrangements can be superbly transformed into awe-inspiring centerpieces for the reception!
• Last, but not least, be open minded about your décor vendors’ suggestions. She/he knows best when it comes to what flowers are in season, what flowers are trendy and what flowers will do best for your budget and for the environment you will bring them in. Listen well and be ready to add a bit of flexibility to your ideas!

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